See High School Lovers In Polyamorous Relationship, Inviting Another Lady To Join Them (Photo)

A pair of high school sweethearts are now living as a polyamorous triad after inviting another woman to join their five-year relationship.

Mechanic Robert McCoy, 22, and his girlfriend Victoria Gibson, 23, from Fresno, California, fell in love after they met at a local skate park in 2012 after school, embarking on a long term monogamous relationship.

But when Robert met receptionist, Destiny Griffin, 22, through work in May this year, the three started to spend time together, and have officially been in a closed triad since August.

The trio say they see love as an emotion that shouldn’t be limited, and argue that the best thing about their unusual set-up is that there is twice as much love as there is in a traditional relationship.

And they’re planning to get married and start a family together in the future. Speaking about their new relationship, Robert said: ‘Morally speaking, society has embedded monogamy into the depths of individuals and shuns those who say they love more than one person.

‘I believe love and all other emotions have no boundaries or limits, so why not love as much as you can love.’ Recalling how his more traditional relationship with Victoria, who has spina bifida, began, he explained: ‘We have not always been a triad. Me and Victoria were together for a little over five years before we got with Destiny.

‘Me and Victoria met at the skate park while we were in high school. Me and Destiny met through work.’ Admitting that the women in his life had some questions over how their three-way relationship would work, he added: ‘We fell in love as a triad after many, many long nights of talking and getting to know each other.

‘Destiny is very, very open minded, but at the same time had plenty of questions on the true working of potentially being in a triad and perusing a relationship.’

Explaining that he wants to break tradition and help create a new concept of family, Robert said: ‘I also see so much beauty in breaking free of what society says is “okay”, and showing people that life is what you make of it, not what most people say it should be.

‘This is not how I imagined life, yet now that it is here, I can’t imagine anything different. The thought of a closed poly triad family unit is beautiful to me.’

Robert, Victoria and Destiny’s families are all accepting of their non-conventional relationship.


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