Virtual Lynch Mob: Open Letter to Lynda Bergh

Karlie Lain


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything in a while, was supposed to help on a case and let a few people down. My sincerest apologies. Also, to a dear friend I’ve been helping try to bring closure to her friend’s case. Long overdue. I apologize.

What happened recently was really like a one-in-a-million meteor strike. Stars align or I just paid close attention… for once. I’ll apologize in advance, this is a bit long. I figured I’d explain a bit what is going on, but after this I have an open letter to Lynda Bergh, a Private Investigator who claims to have “over 200 rescues of children, mostly child human sex trafficking victims”.

There is currently an internal investigation going on by Operation Found Safe (OFS), regarding in her conduct and behavior during this case she while assigned by OFS.

First, I’m going to bring your attention to this girl. Her name is Karlie, she is missing. If you have any information, please call the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at 760-932-7549, option 7. Do not contact certain private investigators, they do not represent the custodial parents of Karlie. They have no partnerships with the FBI or Mono County Sheriff’s Office.

This is the official poster, with correct information.

Karlie Lain Guse

The Karlie Gusé case, on the surface is a sad case. A 16 year-old girl, now 17, disappears. Apparently she had smoked some potent marijuana, maybe it was laced, did something else and/or might of just had some issues that were triggered. Bad reaction. Truth is, we just don’t know. There is a stepmom involved and of course the family is targeted and hindsight is 20/20. My intent was this article, a work in progress with the working title of “Beneath the Veil: The Karlie GuséCase Derailed”, and it’s really tough.

American Crime Journal was on Dr. Phil regarding Karlie’s case, they wanted to use my simple article Missing: Karlie Lain Guse for some graphics and article in a few of Dr. Phil’s monologues. It was an awareness piece. Simple. As this is airing, I get approached by a podcaster, vlogger, or whatever who is working with Lindsay Fairley, we get approached and they wanted to “partner” with me. I’d have to allow Lindsay’s story to be presented, unfiltered and unedited. Obviously, I’m just sort of curious as to why a mother needs a platform to tell “her story”. Your daughter is missing, not sure what your story is going to do.

Truth was, it was a giant platform to attack civilians, volunteers, using my site as sort of a tabloid to embarrass and disgrace people who actually volunteered, people who went out into the Sierra Nevada, looking for a missing teenager months after. This isn’t good news. Then they want to say the Sheriff of Mono County, Ingrid Braun, she went to school with the stepmom, so obviously there is this cover up. So, my first instinct is just to vet it. Well, there is a 17 year age difference, did they take a pottery class at the local community college?

Once I look into this case, Karlie, I had flashbacks of West Memphis Three. Lots of anger and pain. So I write my final article, The Journal on Dr. Phil, Karlie Guse & Lindsay Fairley’s Credibility Chasmwhich really just reflection and what kind of transpired, a birth mother kind of takes the spotlight and really muddy’s the waters. As I say in the article and I want to make it clear now, this really sum sit up:
Readmore at : mytruecrime

Source : ACJ

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