FALZ – “I’ve never been a fan of celebrating cyber-crime.”

Nigerian super talented rapper, Falz has continued to stand his ground on cyber-crime otherwise known as “yahooyahoo”. Falz still continues to go against the act via his personal social media platforms in his songs.

Falz further reiterates that it has given the country as a whole a bad and horrible image in the international world.

“I’ve always said it from the beginning and maybe I was the first person to get a backlash on this. I’ve never been a fan of celebrating cyber-crime. When I said it in an interview, it got me a lot of backlashes. I will say it again and again; cyber-crime is wrong, cybercrime is giving us a horrible name especially outside Nigeria” he said.

Falz added that, ‘It’s destroying our youths and a lot of people are feeling it’s the only option. I understand the sentiment of people being not privileged and feeling like they don’t have the opportunity and they feel this is the fastest way to get money. But people are out there actually putting in efforts, toiling, struggling to make it by doing legitimate stuff and not just taking from someone else.

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