80% Nigeria youth’s refuse to Vote in the upcoming Election . (Videos)

The killing of Youth is getting out of hand’s under the Government of President Muhammad Buhari .

The reaction of Nigeria anti criminal force is getting obvious to be War against the Youth’s not Criminal’s in the Country

Student’s of University of Ilorin, Lautech etc. complain bitterly , They said it is a slap to the ruling government , we students are highly scared going for lectures in school and even in our hostel’s no peace of mind and most student get late to lecture all because EFCC and Police are no more operating on rule’s but killing of innocent youth’s and embarrassing the innocent once on their way going to school .

Ekiti state youth’s also report the same alligations on the innocent once that was shot to death in the process of arresting and killing of Yahoo guy’s

The videos below shows how massively Nigeria Force’s attack Youth’s .

Click to Watch video below :

This is now becoming war between the Youth’s and Nigeria Anti criminal Forces, report state unemployment’s rate is highly unbearable by Nigeria Youth’s .

Watch this Video Nigeria Anti Crime VS Youth’s:

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