Breaking News !!! Newly Sworn In 2019 NASS member set to claim 2018 constituency projects .

A newly sworn in member of House of Representatives from Kwara State, Hon. Raheem Olawuyi, also known as Ajuloopin has been alleged to be pursuing all contractors meant to execute some constituency projects (known as zonal intervention projects;ZIP) and claims that the projects belong to him. These are projects initiated and contained in 2018 budget , appropriation Act , long before his election into the National Assembly. The member is said to have started fraudulently and mischievously converting the ongoing projects to his personal constituency projects.

The on going constituency projects , it was learnt was initiated by Hon Gbenga Makanjuola who served two terms where he represented the people of Irepodun, Isin, Oke-Ero and Ekiti Federal Constituency of Kwara State. The projects, which according to a source, was initiated through the provision in the 2018 budget to his federal Constituency has been converted as personal projects by Hon. Ajuloopin who won his election in February, 2019 as a current member of House of Representatives , representing Irepodun/Isin/Ekiti/Oke-Ero Federal constituency of kwara State.

Information gathered from an official of the federal ministry and agency who awarded the ZIP contracts but who would not want her identify to be disclosed confided in us that the projects includes “ provisions of Solar Street lights in Irepodun , Oke-Ero , Isin , Ekiti kwara south Federal constituency, Kwara State”. The other project the source also mentioned was initiated and facilitated in the same 2018 budget is “ Supply of 1No. 75 Hp, 2WD MF Tractor with complete Accessories in Omu-Aran , Irepodun , kwara South Federal Constituency, Kwara State “.

According to the documents sighted by this medium, which is a copy of the 2018 Appropriation Act(2018 budget) duly signed by Mr President, the projects was contained and budgeted for under 2018 budget which has been under implementation long before Hon Ajuloopin won his election into the House of Representatives. It is curious however to note that a person who was not a member of National Assembly in 2018 or someone who was not a partaker of 2018 budget exercise and its passage would now claim and arrogate projects initiated and facilitated by another person as his own constituency projects? What do you call such a person ?, the source queried.

It was also gathered that Hon Ajuloopin of recent, made similar move when after less than forty days of his inauguration into the green chamber as Honourable member who is to complete the remaining six Months into the full tenure of late Hon. Funke Adedoyin , went to his community in Omu-Aran and put up a signpost as facilitator of a road construction project which was initiated and facilitated by the late Hon Funke Adedoyin. It took the intervention of the late Funke Adedoyin ‘s supporters and political associates who exposed the fraudulent antics of Hon Ajuloopin before he shamelessly removed the so called signpost at the site of the road projects.

It is high time that Hon Ajuloopin be frankly informed that he should make use of his new four years tenure in the House of Representatives by learning the art of lobbying for projects in the budget for the benefit of his people rather than claiming and taking glory of what he did not initiate or facilitate, says the government official. It is very immoral and unparliamentary in all respects, she concluded.

This medium equally gathered that this is not the only projects being initiated and facilitated by Hon Gbenga Makanjuola since he left the House of Representatives in 2011. We learn that the former Deputy chief of Staff to the immediate past President of the Senate, Sen Bukola Saraki has not relented in bringing dividends of democracy to his federal constituency by lobbying his serving colleagues and the representatives of his senatorial district in both the senate and House of Representatives to lobby and passionately beg for projects that are so dare to the people of communities he represents.

Some political associates, aides and former staff of Hon. Gbenga Makanjuola when contacted on phones confirms this development and describe the habit of Hon Ajuloopin as unnecessary and shameful. “ how would Hon Ajuloopin feel if same antics is being played on him by another person? Hon. Makanjuola suffered for all these projects in the interest of his constituency and the credit should go to him “ says one of his staff on phone . Another aide to Hon Makanjuola says, “ I know my boss very well. He is unperturbed about ways and manners Ajuloopin is behaving. He believes in his conscience that he has tried his best for his people. This is not the first time people are taking his humility for granted. His people should rise against act of rascality and injustice and tell Hon Ajuloopin to fight for or lobby for his own constituency projects as expected of any member of the parliament “.

Our further investigation on this allegations further shows that Hon. Rameem Ajuloopin has already hijacked the federal government contractors meant to execute these projects by unilaterally directing them to his preferred sites and locations as against sites and locations specified in the 2018 appropriation Act. As at the time of compiling this report, the contractors are seeing ignorantly moving round with Ajuloopin supporters and associates for purpose of identifying new locations for the projects.

It was also gathered that most of these constituency projects are on going projects having being initiated long ago by Hon Makanjuola. In particular, the provisions for the supply of Tractor is meant to compliment the the almost completed Fish farm estate and training center located in OmuAran, Irepodun LGA, one of the projects facilitated by Makanjuola. One wonders why Ajuloopin would direct that the tractor should be parked into his private house. This is against the law.

We heard that a strong warning has been sent to Hon Ajuloopin whom we learned has been seeking for requests from some traditional rulers in the constituency to nominate locations of their choice to site such projects. This exercise, we found to be illegal and any purported beneficiaries will equally be deemed to an illegal beneficiaries.

This medium will soon publish the already approved communities and locations for the solar street lights as contained in the 2018 budget. Any other locations sited by Hon. Ajuloopin will soon be declared illegal by the appropriate authority.

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