KwaraLGElections: Situation Involving Senator Lafiagi Exaggerated


The situation in Lafiagi, the hometown of the Senator representing Kwara North District, Mohammed Shaba Lafiagi has been  exaggerated by political opponents who are circulating false information.

The disturbance which occurred for an hour in the town yesterday started as a protest by youths who are members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who were bent on disrupting today’s Local Government elections. 

The youths hid under the presence that they were protesting the non-completion of a Culvert in Sodo area leading into Lafiagi. The culvert is a project of the Kwara State Government which had been in the budget and construction had started but was only stopped for some time.

At a point, Sen. Lafiagi attempted to make the major culvert part of his constituency project but was advised to drop the idea since the work was already in progress.

When the Senator and some other people coming into town were blocked yesterday from gaining entry, the security men who tried to clear the road engaged the irate youths and in the process, there were shootings.

Some PDP sympathizers who did not want the elections to hold in Edu LGA were deliberately creating confusion to create a wrong impression. Their boys are spreading false rumours across the place. Elections took place in Edu today.