Minimum Wage Bill: The National Assembly Must Ensure the Assent of this Law – Coalition

The National Assembly completed the passage of the Federal Minimum Wage Bill since March 20th.

This Bill, which will significantly improve the lives of many working families across the country, with the increase of the federal minimum wage has been sent to the President for his assent. Since then, we are surprised that no Senators or Members of the House of Representatives, have called on the President to sign this Bill.

This is not about Politics, it is about the Nigerian workers, who are the backbone of the country. Our politicians cannot continue to remain mute and stay silent on issues that affect our income.

This is because our take home salary can no longer take us home. With this as a background, today, we call on the legislators of the 8th National Assembly to assume their Constitutional Responsibility and ensure that the Minimum Wage Bill is passed immediately.

Signed: Comrade Bulus Danlami
for Coalition of Service Workers

Source: http://leaders.ng/minimum-wage-bill-the-national-assembly-must-ensure-the-assent-of-this-law-coalition/

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