The batch B 2018 Corp members has serious concerns about change in NYSC Calendar

Greetings Sir, Congratulations on your new appointment as the DG of NYSC.
The batch 2018 B Corp members has serious concerns as we see from the NYSC calendar that we were stated to pass out on 4th of July (for stream 1) and 8th of August (for stream 2).

Where as our ID card expires by 24th of June and 29th of July. We are suppose to pass out on 20th of June (stream 1) and 25th of July (stream 2) as the normal custom of NYSC not to exceed 12 months.

We plead with you Sir to look into the matter as many Corp members are missing out on Job opportunities and Interviews and Masters Degree Forms which requires NYSC Discharge Certificate. And if there has been changes, we could be informed so that we can understand the reason for the delay. We appreciate your effort as you look into this matter.

For Idealy 2018 Batch B stream 1 should pass out on 20th of June. We beg you help us make this possible.
Thank you sir.” .
Please forward to all NYSC groups, let everyone concerned send a mail. When the DG see’s enough mails from this same issue, we believe he will do something.


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