Bukola Saraki Family Need’s Prayer

The one common thing in life, if people that are no where to be found in the present of God keep praying it might take 1year before God direct them.

Pls this is a vital advise to the Family of Saraki in general, theirs a generational course currently operating from an Innocent Pregnant Woman.

The Tear’s of a Pregnant Woman , is like the Blood sheared on the Cross and it’s more than the End time judgement in sight of our Lord Jesus.

Remember the downfall of a strong Man , is like a heavy rain that is meant to clear the World .

If Saraki and his Family could Fast for 21day’s seeking forgiveness for the dead once of the family and does that remain, they will surely feed the Nation’s God said.

21day’s at least 21people plus the left members of his family.

7 girl’s that haven’t know taste of life, 3 lessthan 10year’s children, 3pregnant woman most be included in this Prayer.

In the mist of doing this prayer’s all kind of fruits but be use as sacrifice to the poor most Pregnant Women’s and Children.

Remember Nation’s will be affected if a strong Man of God is overthrown by the Spirit of Covenant and cause .

Few year’s to this time, the missionary Bukola Saraki is booked dead.

Pls we have to Save his life for the million Soul’s that this might affect(Your Family/My Family might be Part) God knows.

Apostle/Pastor Rock who gave a message Buhari is meant to rule again Months back and here it is.

God love Nigeria’s


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